In Which the Pirate Knits in the Car.

Yesterday I gave car-knitting a shot on the way to and from work. I’ve never been able to read in the car without getting lightheaded and headachy. Once I was able to knit on a larger-gauge hat project in the passenger seat, but yesterday I had some trouble with the socks. Ah well. Maybe once I’m past the gusset and don’t have to look at it so much, it’ll be easier.

Inevitably I end up picking up one more stitch on the second side of the heel flap. I figure it’s no big deal; the last decrease round will only decrease on that one side. I wonder why it happens, though. I pick up stitches through every slipped heel flap stitch, and always there’s one extra. Maybe that’s a natural extension of knitting in the round, the second side has to be one row taller than the first.

While I really want to get this sock done (so I can start on the next one) I’ve also been wanting to spin lately. I spun up half the BFL roving that I bought at MD Sheep and Wool this year, and I should probably do the other half in a similar weight. …and then both skeins will go on the Etsy store, I think. That is my eventual goal – to spin sock yarn for myself, and other yarn to sell. I don’t expect to get rich, but if I can make the hobby pay for itself, that’ll be enough for me.

I went through all the new sock patterns I’ve queued up and assigned most of my sock yarns to the future projects. There are a few I left unassigned, so I can do whatever I like with them, muahaha! Okay, it’s the short-yardage multi-colored yarns that I love but have no plans for yet, other than being sure to weigh and split the skein before starting, and working toe-up.

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  1. cici says:

    Yay for knitting anywhere and anytime we can,,, is my motto. :D

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