In Which the Pirate Gets to the Easy Part.

My least favorite part of the socks, the heel and gusset, are done! Last night I cranked through the rest of the gusset, remembering about the extra decrease on the second side, and now it’s just inches of mindless stockinette ’til I get to the toe.

I love casting on for new projects, and I love finishing projects, but between 75% and 95% of a project always seems so slow. That’s why I’m only working on this sock right now, never mind the other two projects on the needles, the tempting roving, or the as-yet-undetermined baby gift that needs to be done by early October. I just want it done with – not only because it’s a relatively quick project, but because I can’t wait to see the socks on Pirate-Husband’s feet!

And because I want something else to write about.

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