In Which the Pirate Cheats on Her Diet.

I know I said I was on a yarn diet, but sometimes exceptions have to be made. In this case, two balls of Lily Sugar and Cream for my swiffer cover. My theory is that if I don’t buy the yarn, I can’t make the cover – and if I don’t have the cover, I can’t mop the floors. I do have one disposable pad left, but that’s obviously single-use, and the floors need mopping more frequently than I’d like to admit. And, probably, more often than I actually do it!

Besides, this should be a really quick project. It’s 69 stitches and 33 rows 34 rows, plus a bit of seaming – I can knock that out in a day, right? I also had to get new needles for this project. Who’d’a thought that I didn’t have size 7 straights? Fortunately I carry a card in my wallet with all my needles catalogued, so I was able to double-check before just buying ’em. Now the question is – do I cast on RIGHT NOW, or do I keep working on the sock?

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  1. aliceq says:

    It’s a slippery slope. I likewise have been on a yarn diet since January (except for my birthday weekend, which took me to WEBS for the Yarn Harlot and to the CT Sheep and Wool Festival, oh, yeah, and the yarn my sister bought me so I could make her more socks). But the call of the Swiffer cover was too strong. So, I bought enough Sugar’n Cream for two Swiffer covers. Then it was on sale, so I bought two separate big bags of it. And the Peaches & Creme color cards (I just redid my bathroom and want to do a bathmat). Yep. A slippery slope. A VERY slippery slope.

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