In Which the Pirate Gets Instaknit Gratification.

Even though I’m not a big fan of knitting with cotton, for a project that took less than six hours total I think I can handle it. Especially when that project is so awesome. I made a cotton pad for my Swiffer WetJet, using the Ballband Dishcloth Reusable Swiffer Cover pattern from Noelle at Strange Yarns ;; Skull Charms. I love the texture of the slipped stitch and ‘bricks’ pattern, and the bumpiness is really good at picking up dirt from the floor. We gave it a quick try, and I hate to say how much dirt there was even though I mopped with elbow grease last weekend. Maybe it’s time to admit that I should be washing the floors more often…

I did add an extra half-repeat to the pattern, and for the next one I’ll add a full repeat as well as making it slightly longer. Maybe my Swiffer’s a little bigger or my gauge slightly smaller, but I’d like the side pockets to be a little deeper. Pirate-Husband tried it out and it seems to stay on just fine, so maybe there’s nothing to worry about. You can see in this picture how, er, ‘rustic’ our wooden floors are. There are big gaps between some of the boards which just tore the disposable pads apart. I’m hoping the cotton stands up to them for at least five moppings. I think they pay for themselves at two moppings, so five would be spectacular. I bet they last even longer than that!

I love the idea of reusable where disposable once reigned. There’s enough yarn to make another Swiffer cover, and I’m already envisioning cotton soap sacks and washcloths (in less obscenely bright colors). I love handmade soap but it does tend to melt away quickly, and a soap sack should help it last longer. Or they’d make wonderful gifts, wouldn’t they? I’m not sure who on my gift list would really appreciate a handknit lace washcloth and soap sack. Most of the people with whom I exchange presents aren’t into handmade stuff, so it’s wasted on them. How sad.

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2 Responses

  1. Janis says:

    How do you keep your handmade soaps? I find mine lasts for a month or more.

  2. Lann says:

    With the Swiffer WetJets can you refill the bottle or do you need to buy new cleaning solution? I’d love to find an easy way to mop but I’d prefer to use my own cleaner (vinegar & water)

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