In Which the Pirate Picks Up an Old Project.

My parents came to visit this past Sunday, and my mom brought with her the bare beginnings of a swatch for a stole she’d like to make from KnitPicks’ Alpaca Cloud in Smoke Heather, a lovely light silver-gray. When she saw my Ostrich Plumes scarf she decided that she wanted to make the same pattern, but knit lengthwise. It’s been over 30 years since she did any lace knitting, and she needed explanations of some of the stitches. So I got my scarf off the shelf and got her through a pattern row.

After they left, I thought to myself, “Wow, it’s been a really long time since I’ve put any rows on this scarf. I really should get to work on that; it’s been more than a year since I started it.” And now I remember why – I hate, hate, hate the needles. Long, slippery, blunt aluminum needles are just not suitable for this project.

So I just ordered an Addi lace circular needle in the right size, and I didn’t add any yarn or roving to my cart. Stickin’ to the diet! Yay willpower!

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2 Responses

  1. cici says:

    Yay for willpower..I need to get back to my Ostrich plumes too.

  2. Lynn Odom says:

    I have started a stole with the ostrich plume pattern by Elizabeth Rees, but the number of cast on stitches does not match up with the number of stitches in the pattern. It looks very similar to the one pictured here.

    Any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong? I am using a larger needle than suggested. I surfed some of the stitches online so I think I’m doing them correct. p2sso

    Lynn from NC

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