In Which the Pirate Finishes Socks.

It took just over two months for me to knit this pair of socks for Pirate-Husband, though I did work on several other projects at the same time. He had requested socks just after crashing his motorcycle last fall, and how could I say no to a man with broken ribs and a totalled bike, sitting miserably in a hospital gown waiting for x-rays? Of course I couldn’t, not when he was complimenting me with “you’ve gotten so fast with your knitting!” and “I’m so impressed with the socks you knit.”

They fit him fairly well, though I think next time I’ll measure and make the heel flap higher to avoid some of that rippling over his ankle. I didn’t consider that his feet are not just proportionately bigger than mine; they’re actually shaped differently as well! They’ll go down in the book as experimental socks. Now that I know his size, I can start playing around with different stitch patterns. (I do have lots of other socks in my queue, so it may be a while before he gets a second pair… but you never know!)

I’m going to keep these (size 1) needles free until the sock class I’m taking with Cookie A. in September. They’re holding up pretty well; one of them is starting to curve but it’s not significant enough to warrant replacement just yet. So that leaves me with the Pomatomus and the Ostrich Plumes scarf in progress, a commission for another Swiffer mop cover, and a simple pair of socks in Trekking XXL on size 0 needles coming up as my vacation knitting for which I’ve yet to swatch. I have to remember to print out some notes and instructions before I go, or I’ll forget which side of the gusset gets which kind of decrease again. You’d think I’d remember that by now!

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