In Which the Pirate-Husband Loves His Socks.

Pirate-Husband has a brown outfit which looks really good on him: a dark brown shirt with white pinstripes, tan slacks with a brown belt, and brown shoes. The other day he wore this outfit and, in spite of it being July, his new brown socks. He came home from work and told me that he’d shown everyone in his office the socks, and that they perfectly complete his outfit.

I couldn’t be more pleased! “I’m so glad you like them,” I said to him.

“How could I not?” he kvelled. “They’re awesome!”

“Maybe what I should say,” I said, “is that I’m glad they fit you so well. I was a little worried about that. If they didn’t fit you, you wouldn’t like them so much. There are some tweaks I’d make if I knit you another pair–”

He interrupted, “If? IF you knit me another pair?”

“Yeah, IF,” I laughed, “after the Bloo Socks, the colorwork bag, the sweater for myself, the sweater for you, all the other socks I have queued up, the other swiffer cover, the hats, the baby blanket… IF I feel like knitting anything after that, I MIGHT make you another pair of socks.” (Of course I’ll make him another pair eventually, but now that I know his measurements it can be a surprise!)

Then we started talking about the yarn he owns, with which he’d planned to knit himself a hat. I asked if he was going to bring it on vacation but he said no, he’s waiting until one of those winter days when we’re snowed in, and then we can sit together on the couch, light a fire for warmth, and I can show him how. He says he doesn’t see himself ever being a crazy addicted all-the-time knitter like I am, but he does want to knit his own hat just to prove that he can. I think that’s fantastic.

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2 Responses

  1. cici says:

    two knitters in the family… very cool..

  2. Amy says:

    Aw, that’s cool that he wants to learn!

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