In Which the Pirate Modifies a Pattern.

(Before you ask, I’ve written this post in advance and scheduled it for while I’m away. I am not on the internet while on vacation.)

For the Bloo Socks, I started Elizabeth Bennet’s Perl Sock Program to get the numbers, but then I started modifying. First I had to fudge the gauge in her form to get the 10% negative ease I prefer in a sock. Then I went with a k6, p2 ribbing instead of doing the sock in stockinette. I changed the type of decreases as well. How much modification would I have to do in order to publish this design as my own?

I’d love to be able to publish this and even sell it, but not if it’s copyright infringement. I bet I could change some more stuff about the pattern without too much effort and get to the point where it really is my own design, no worries. I have some thoughts about what I can change already, but I’m not going to give them away just yet!

When I was searching for patterns, I noticed that there weren’t many written for such fine-gauge socks. I’m getting 11.25 stitches to the inch, and most sock patterns seem to be written for eight to nine SPI. This could be my designing niche – I do love the look and feel of light fingering weight yarn. I have lots of ideas for socks, and I’m really looking forward to taking the class with Cookie A. in September and learning how to design what’s floating around in my head.

Pirate-Husband figured out that this is the sixth different sock pattern I’ve knit up, and suggests that if I do publish it, I should call it Number Six. I think that’s rather fitting, given the recipient, although after I make further changes to the pattern, it will actually be Number Seven.

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2 Responses

  1. Janis says:

    Although if you name it Number Six, some folks may think of a different reference. :D

    Nifty with the scheduled posting. I wasn’t expecting to see anything from you while away.

  2. cici says:

    I say go for it!

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