(I've written this post in advance and scheduled it for while I'm away. I am not on the internet while on vacation.)

Cloverleaf Farm BFLSo I spun up the last quarter of the BFL roving from Cloverleaf Farms, and only then did I get the bright idea to weigh what I'd done. One bobbin came in at 79 grams, the other at 86 grams. So now I have a conundrum - do I ply them together so that the second skein matches the first, but waste seven grams of yarn, or do I attempt to Navajo ply each of them and end up with one ~2 ounce skein of two-ply, and two ~1 ounce skeins of Navajo-plied yarn?

I'm leaning towards the two-ply option for two reasons. One, so I have matching skeins and therefore more usable yarn, if I decide to keep it for myself. Two, because my attempts at Navajo plying have so far been barely successful, by which I mean I made mostly tangles.

Next time, I will be smart enough to weigh out the split-up roving before I start spinning, so it comes out more evenly.

Also, I think I need more bobbins. Who'd'a thought that four wouldn't be enough?

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