In Which the Pirate Returns.

I’m back from the War with lots of knitting behind me!

The Bloo Sock is (now) past the heel and into the gusset. I knit the heel flap and turned the heel, but either the numbers were off or I can’t count to 31, so I tinked back and re-turned the heel with my own numbers twice, as my own numbers were also off the first time. That’s when I realized I’d forgotten to center the ribbing over the instep. I stared at the sock for a while and gradually came to terms with the knowledge that I would have to rip back to the beginning of the heel flap, rotate the stitches, and do it all over again. After I came to that conclusion, I also realized that I’d forgotten to write down the proper numbers for the heel turn.

Being the perfectionist that I am, I did rip back. It took some frustration and a very small crochet hook to get all the stitches back on the needles in the right orientation. But I am happy to report that the heel turned without further incident and that I have written down the numbers so that the next sock will match. At this point I feel that I’ve really made enough changes to this pattern to publish it for myself.

Is anyone interested in test-knitting a ribbed sock at an almost ridiculously fine gauge? I haven’t yet written up the pattern, other than scribbled notes on the original printout, but I’m planning to publish in at least two sizes, possibly three. The perk will be that you get a free, if untested, copy of a pattern that won’t be offered for free.

My camera battery has died, but I’ll have pictures soon!

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