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In Which the Pirate is Lazy.

I had an incredibly urgent project at work today, and as a result I kinda strained my wrists. Lots of mousing, typing, and editing – but it needed to be done. I ate some ibuprofen and decided to give knitting a break for the evening.

RovingSo I’ve been lazily spinning with the drop spindle, doing a little bit at a time, resting when my wrists hurt and picking it back up after a while. I’m using the roving with which I was teaching at Pennsic. It’s quite fluffy and after several car trips is a little bit stuck to itself, so it takes careful drafting. I thought the spindle would be more suited to something like that, so I pulled it out and set to work. I’m coming up with something that looks as if it might make a decent two-ply sock yarn, though I think I’m probably not putting enough twist in. I have a tendency to overspin on the wheel and to underspin on the spindle.

The wool isn’t the easiest to work with due to its stickiness, but careful slow work is giving me a consistent single. Whether it comes out tight enough for sock yarn or not, I’m really liking the colors. They’re very subtle shades of green and purple that are lost unless you look up close.

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  1. Amy says:

    Hope your wrists feel better soon!

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