In Which the Pirate Feels So, So Sorry For Herself (Not Really)

I never thought I’d be saying this, but here goes:

I think I have too much yarn.

Not that I don’t love it, you understand. Not that I don’t take it all out of the basket every so often, arrange it in a neat semi-circle on the floor, and admire it. Not that I don’t pull up my stash on Ravelry when I’m having a particularly frustrating day at work and need to remind myself of what wonderfulness awaits me at home.

It’s more that I can’t decide what to knit next. I’m having a terrible time keeping myself from casting on another project just so I can try out another yarn – it doesn’t help that I really must work on the baby blanket, although I’m not fond of the acrylic yarn I’m using and one pattern repeat takes an hour which means I have about 53 hours of work left to go on it. Not to mention, I know that in a month I’ll be casting on for a new sock when I take Cookie A.‘s design class.

I want to try the Jojoland Melody that Pirate-Husband bought for me, and have those socks as a reminder of how awesome he can be. I want to try the Brooks Farm Acero that I got at Sheep and Wool in 2007, because it’s like nothing else I’ve ever seen. I want to knit with the Austermann Step yarn, not only because it’s aloe-infused but because I’m going to knit my own toe socks with it. I’m dying to try the Kureyon sock yarn and see what all the fuss is about. I’ve loved the Clessidra socks from the moment I first saw the pattern, and I’m starting to feel the first hints of fall in the air, so the idea of knee socks is incredibly appealing right now.

And those are just the socks. That doesn’t take into account the sweater I want to knit for myself, or the one for Pirate-Husband. It certainly doesn’t take into account the spinning I want to do, which only leads to more yarn – or the 150 yards of brand new handspun I have that I keep eyeing with not-so-secret longing.

But no, I’m not going to let myself start anything new. It’s just so nice to think about sometimes…

4 Responses

  1. Sarah says:

    ohhhh i know how you feel! except i don’t have all that fabulous yarn, i have the acrylic cheapy stuff. i’ve decided that i need to finish up ALLLLLLL my WIPS (about a thousand of them or so) before i buy any more yarn (unless i need it to complete a project o course)…. and then once they are all done i will start buying the ‘good’ stuff. but until then, i’m going crazy with the vast selection of stuff i have and deciding what to do with it when i have so many things going on already!

    so yeah. an overly-elaborated version of “i know what you mean”!

  2. Amy says:

    Don’t have any advice for you, other than perhaps, pick one project and stick to it… or maybe you need a knitting break. :P

    See, what I really meant was that I don’t have any GOOD advice for you! ~_^

  3. NiteOwl says:

    There is NEVER too much yarn. Rather, there is NEVER enough time to play with it all! :)

  4. Pirate Husband says:

    finish the Pomatomus. Wait, work on Michael’s Bloo socks you are going to see him soon. No wait, the baby blanket has to be finished in time for the shower!

    Don’t worry about starting a new project for me (fo now) I’m still enjoying my socks.

    I know, just knit faster!

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