In Which the Pirate Gets Somewhere.

Last night I finished the first of four skeins for the baby blanket. Originally I’d bought three, but the pattern ate more than I thought it would, and Pirate-Husband helped me find another skein in the same dye lot. It’s coming along – and looking good – but I have to knit two pattern repeats on it each day so that it will be done before the (as yet unscheduled) baby shower.

The Bloo socks are coming along too. I’m past the gusset decreases in Sock One and I’m estimating four to five hours left on it, and then Sock Two. Last night I worked on them a bit, until I was too tired to remember not to knit straight over the ribbing! I also started doodling up the design for the tweaks, with plans for small, medium and large sizing. I just have to work out the heel and toe numbers, knit a pair to the new pattern, have them test-knit and the pattern proofed for errors, and then publish!

Due to scheduling issues (boss got a promotion and has been working long hours to catch up on the work) my carpooling has been temporarily put on hold, so I’ve lost several hours of knitting time per week. He’s been considering putting his foot down on work, so we might be able to start driving together again – and because his new position requires him to go back and forth between our locations, he’s offered to drive every day if I put in for gas! That’s a lot of potential knitting time for me, and a lot of mileage saved on my car.

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