I'm swatching this yarn from Ellen's Half Pint Farm for the sock class I'll be taking this month, and it is absolutely gorgeous. The color shades in very subtle ways, which I think will be perfect for the lacy pattern I'd like to use. It's a twisty bouncy squooshy delight at nine stitches to the inch on US 1 needles, and I'm excited to be designing socks with it!

I'm testing out a stitch pattern that my mom used to make an afghan over thirty years ago. I'm only six rows into the pattern so far, but I have greater respect for her as a knitter, knowing that she made an entire afghan like this. I'm only working the pattern over 25 stitches; she had a couple of hundred! Her "Big Blue Afghan" is still in good shape, and I still curl up underneath it when I visit my parents in the winter.

I made sure to split the yarn into two equal balls (thank goodness for having a kitchen scale) before I even got started. Wouldn't want to run out of yarn before the second toe again!

One Response to “In Which the Pirate's Yarn is Beautiful.”
  1. Pirate Husband says:

    "a twisty bouncy squooshy delight" - not sure which is funnier, that statment or that i know what you mean!