In Which the Pirate Swatches.

The yarn is beautiful, and the lace pattern is beautiful, and they complement each other beautifully. There is just one problem… if I knit this sock top-down, the pattern will be upside-down. I’m taking a top-down sock designing class.

Just one thing to do, or so I thought – design a toe-up sock with this lace pattern, swatch another yarn for the top-down sock class, and do something else altogether. I figured I would try again with this Tess Super Sock & Baby yarn in amber. There’s 450 yards in the skein, which should be enough for a good-sized pair of socks, I told myself.

And then I showed the swatch to Pirate-Husband. He looked at it. Turned it upside-down and right-side-up again.

“So it will be upside-down,” said I, “if I knit a top-down sock.”

He turned the swatch over a few more times. “I think it looks really good upside-down,” he said. “The points should go right down the center of the foot. It’ll look just fine.”

With commentary like that, how could I do anything but continue with the original plan? So this will be the top of the foot panel. He’s right. It’ll look just fine.

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  1. Janis says:

    Cool. :) I hope you have a good time with the class, and show us the results!

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