In Which the Pirate Has Her Day.

Yarr! It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, me hearties! I would cast on for a pirate-themed project, but I have too many on the needles already and another slated to begin on Sunday. I’ll just have to settle for saying YAR(n) every so often.

Earlier this summer I set Mom up with the pattern for the Ostrich Plumes scarf that I’ve been working on. She admired it quite a bit and wanted to make a stole for herself. Unfortunately, because most of her knitting time is in the car or in front of the tv, she was finding it a bit too complicated. She asked if I knew of a less complex pattern, and after a quick search I sent her the English version of the Upstairs stole. Hopefully that will work better for her!

Also speaking of Mom, her birthday is coming up this week. I’m giving her a certificate for a pair of hand-knit, custom-fit gloves. If she doesn’t pick the pattern, I’ll probably choose something out of the Selbuvotter: Biography of a Knitting Tradition book that I recently bought.

As for cameras, I’m leaning towards getting the Canon PowerShot 870IS. It seems to have gotten the best reviews, and it fits into my price range fairly well. I would really like to show you some of the works in progress that I’ve got, so unless my old camera miraculously reappears, I’ll probably be ordering the new one this weekend.

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