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In Which the Pirate Tries To Not Go Overboard.

It occurred to me, as I was angling the spinning wheel (an Ashford Traditional) into the back seat of my car, that a portable wheel would be really nice to have. Something small and foldable, that I wouldn’t have to buckle into the seat because it would fit into its own little carrying case. Then I cracked my head on the doorframe and stopped thinking about it until I had to reverse the procedure to get the wheel out of the car. I swear, the thing seemed small until I had to try to fit it into the car.

Then again, I don’t really take the wheel many places. I’m not so good at talking and spinning at the same time, so I wouldn’t try to spin at SnB – it’s all I can do to talk and knit there! Spinning outside seems like an exercise in futility if there’s any sort of breeze. I’d certainly bring a wheel to Pennsic, though.

So I’m eyeing the Kromski Sonata and thinking that if I really get into spinning, if I find that I’m spinning almost every day and really wishing I could take the wheel with me everywhere, if I totally outgrow the Traditional… It’d be nice to have a double-treadle wheel, in any case. But I’m not getting one now, just sort of thinking about it.

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