In Which the Pirate Gets Ahead.

The baby blanket is now 60% complete.

My boss had to make a stop on the way home from work, and I said that I would sit and wait in the car. “No knitting?” he asked. “Did you finish the blanket?”

“Oh no,” I said, and fished my bag out from behind my skirt. “It’s not done yet.” But it’s getting closer! I did a full pattern repeat on the way home, and I plan to knit more tonight while watching the Vice-Presidential debates.

During the mandatory fun company lunch today, I put a few rounds onto the Bloo Sock between dessert and the owners’ speeches. Some of my co-workers thought it was funny that I was knitting, but one said that it was very clever of me to carry something productive to do with me, and another asked if I ever sold my work. I said that I didn’t, but that I’d be happy to teach her to knit. Something tells me that she’s not going to take me up on the offer.

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