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In Which the Pirate Makes Yarn.

C*EYE*BER FiberThis is superwash Merino from C*EYE*BER Fiber in the “Ember” colorway. I spun half of this braid into singles, trying not to overspin. Then they sat on the bobbins long enough that they lost all their energy, and as a result the plied yarn is somewhat on the loose side with a bit of a thick-and-thin effect. Not exactly what I was looking for, but it’s very soft and I’m looking forward to knitting with it.

I have 64 yards of it and half left to spin, which means that it’s coming out slightly thicker than the Blue-Faced Leicester yarn that I spun into two skeins of close to 75 yards each. I think I may want to reskein those, now that I have a winder with a counter, to be sure of their actual length. The grist (the thickness of the yarn) is probably close enough to the same that I can work with these two yarns together, and the colors are similar – the BFL is more orangey-green, and the Merino has darker colors, which will go together nicely. I was thinking of making up a quick drop-stitch scarf, but with the loose spots in my spinning, I’m not sure it will hold up very well.

So with 280-300 yards of sorta-worsted-weight yarn, there’s probably too much of it to make just one hat, it’s too thick for socks or gloves, and not enough to make the kind of long, wide scarf I generally like to wear. Maybe I’ll make a narrow scarf, stripe the two yarns together, and it will just have to be as long as it is – of course I’ll love it, because how can I hate a scarf that’s made from my very first wheelspun yarn?

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