In Which the Pirate is Tired.

Yesterday, Pirate-Husband and I went to a wine and bluegrass festival at our local vineyard. It was a lot of fun – we drank wine, listened to music, and were invited to join a group of people on a picnic blanket and partake of their grapes and chocolate. I had the Bloo Sock with me, and I pulled it out of my bag so that I could get a few rounds in.

Before I knew it, everyone was talking about my socks, how beautiful and amazing they were, and how they “used to knit but haven’t in years,” and did I ever sell my work? I laughed and gave the usual answer that no, I don’t sell my knitted stuff, but I would be happy to teach anyone who wants to learn.

Maybe it was the wine or maybe the sun, but I didn’t sleep well last night. I am not allowing myself to do anything fiber-related tonight, because I know that I am sleep-deprived and I know that whatever I do, I’ll just have to undo tomorrow. This is especially disappointing because I can hear the spinning wheel calling to me, but I really don’t want to mess up that fiber!

My new camera is on order and I should have it shortly. I can’t wait to take pictures of what I’ve been working on!

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