In Which the Pirate Completes a Blanket.

The baby girl was born Wednesday evening at home, and both she and her mother are doing well. We were invited to go visit and meet her tomorrow, so this afternoon I went into Super Must Finish Mode on the blanket!

I dropped a stitch and lost time picking it back up, because it got lost into a yarnover. But I had the knitting and bind-off done before dinner was ready; everyone agreed that it was long enough although I still had yarn left over. After dessert I took care of weaving in the ends.

I’m pleased with the way this blanket came out, but I swear I will never knit another baby blanket of acrylic yarn again. It’s conveniently washable, yes. The colorway is pretty. But I can’t stand how it feels in my hands, or how it stresses my wrists (rather like cotton, actually). If I ever have the crazy desire to knit another baby blanket, I’ll use superwash wool. I’ve even told Pirate-Husband to make sure that I never stand in the arts & crafts store again saying anything like “but it’s washable! and the colorway is so pretty!”

I am looking forward to giving this gift (and meeting the baby, too!) My friend knows the value of a hand-crafted anything, so I have no doubt that she’ll really appreciate the blanket.

Now, can I finish half a sock in less than a week?

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2 Responses

  1. Sarah says:

    Woo! completed projects are awesome. Looks great!! Half a sock in a week? get those needles a-flyin, i’m sure you can do it! :-D And congrats to the new mama- a homebirth!!! exciting, even if it wasn’t planned…lol!

  2. Janis says:

    Awesome! Good luck on the sock. :)

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