In Which the Pirate Casts On.

Last night I swatched the Silkie Socks that Rock (in Ravenscroft) for Mom’s gloves. This morning I looked at it in the sunlight and was amazed at the depth of the colors. The greens just glow in that way that only silk can provide.

This evening I carefully counted nine stitches to the inch on US #1 DPNs and ripped out the swatch, then cast on for the Hooray for Me! gloves from Marnie MacLean. My mom’s hands are on the small side, and I’ve heard these gloves are big, so the extra half-stitch to the inch that I’m getting should be all right.

Silkie Socks that Rock is beautiful to work with. Aside from the depth of colors in the silk strand, the yarn is smooth and flows well across the needles. I’m using Susan Bates Silvalumes, my current favorites. They are so much my favorites that I recently picked up another set at AC Moore!

Anyway, I’ve got about ten rounds of the cuff knit. I’m going to make the cuffs two and a half inches long, which should be plenty to tuck under a coat sleeve. This is the first time I’m knitting gloves, and I admit to being a little apprehensive that they won’t fit properly. If they were for myself, I could try them on as I go – but they’re for Mom, and although I have her hand measurements, it’s not the same as having her hand here.

Then again, what am I worried about? She will love them, and if they’re really too big I’ll re-knit them until they’re right. Yarn is forgiving that way.

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