In Which the Pirate Finishes and Begins.

After Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt and uncle’s house with 21 people in attendance, I went back to Grandma’s for the evening with my brother, his wife and daughter, and Pirate-Husband. We all stayed up late talking, and I cast on for a quickie sock.

It was too late and too dim to work on the toe of Michael’s Bloo Socks, so I pulled out this Cervinia Forever and did a sixteen-loop figure-eight toe. Grandma watched as the stripes appeared, amazed that it was so neat and so even. Over the next couple of days I knit probably two-thirds of the foot. Compared to the Bloo Socks, it’s going so quickly! But that’s no wonder – it’s 64 stitches compared to 96, and straight stockinette compared to ribbing.

On Friday morning I confirmed plans to see Michael that evening, and settled in to finish his socks. I should have timed it, but I knit while we were talking and I’m sure that slowed me down a little. Even so, it was a quick finish. I grafted the toe and sent him a picture, then that night handed them over. Action shots are pending!

I do have to write up the pattern for the Bloo sock and knit a pair for myself to test it out, because at 11.25 stitches/inch I’m not sure I’ll have any takers for test-knitting. I think I may call it “Brother’s Socks” or something like that.

Today I’m going to get back to work on Mom’s gloves. I’d like to have them done before the next time I see her, which is in a few weeks for Chanukah.

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