In Which the Pirate Samples Some Roving.

These are two half-ounce samples of hand-dyed roving from Sheepish Creations on Etsy. The rainbowy one on the left is Merino, and the more subtle colored roving on the right is Romney.

I love when fiber artists have samples available! In this case, they were offering the chance to try two different fibers for $3, and they included a coupon for $3 off the next order. Seemed like a great deal to me! I’ve been kinda hesitant to buy a lot of hand-painted fiber from Etsy, because without touching it there’s no way of knowing what it’s like. Is it a little felted? Is it very soft or sort of rough? Does the dye leak out in the rinse water? This is a great chance to try just a little bit and get a feel for it.

Pirate-Husband asked what I could do with half an ounce of fiber, once it’s spun up. I think it would be perfect for a small colorwork motif on a solid background, if I spin a fingering weight yarn.

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