In Which the Pirate Makes Progress.

One and a half fingers are done on the first of Mom’s gloves. This picture only hints at the depth of color in the yarn. It is absolutely beautiful and a joy to work with. And yet for some reason I find myself procrastinating on the project. I’m pretty sure that’s just my natural tendency to procrastinate on anything with a deadline. The last three gifts I knit were all finished just hours before I had to give them. This time, I resolve to get the gloves done well in advance.

Part of my procrastination on the gloves has been because of these socks. They are so mindlessly simple to work on, now that I’m past the heel, that I keep picking them up. That, and it’s been a while since I finished a pair of socks for myself. These are so cheerful that I’d like to be wearing them mid-winter, to add some bright color back to the world!

Last night at the company dinner I was talking with some guy I didn’t know, one of our company’s associates, and he asked me if I had any hobbies. “I knit,” I said, and to my surprise he answered “Really? So do I!”

We really are everywhere.

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