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In Which the Pirate Dreams.

Last night I had a dream that made absolutely no sense. The one thing I remember very clearly is that there was a pair of handknit socks.

I dreamed I was getting dressed, and I thought “I’ll wear those socks I just knit,” and then I unrolled a pair of gorgeous knee-high socks with big white Nordic stars and snowflakes on a blue background, very much like these socks from DROPS, but coming up to just under my knee rather than just over it. Some part of my dreaming brain started to complain that I’d never knit any such socks, but I hushed that up and let myself enjoy the dream of having actually finished knee socks, let alone complicated colorwork knee socks.

I remember that they were soft, fine but not too fine gauge, and that there was elastic in the cuffs. The blue was a deep rich color, the kind of blue I think about when I think of Chanukah, and the white wasn’t pure white-white but just slightly off. Both yarns had a little bit of a fuzzy halo.

Of course I’m going to have to design and make these at some point. It’s not every day that I dream up a pair of socks… and I really love knee socks.

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