In Which the Pirate Weighs it Out.

At Thanksgiving, we found out that Pirate-Husband’s cousin Ro is pregnant. Today we found out that she’s expecting a baby boy in May, and now I’m torn! Do I knit another Baby Surprise Jacket, or not?

Winter JoyOn the yes side:
1. I already have the yarn in a good boy-color.
2. I made Ro a blanket for her first baby and she loved it. She understood how much time and effort it took. And back when Ro got married, I worked up this Marriage Poem in the best calligraphy I could do at the time, matted and framed it, and gave it to her and her husband as a wedding gift. She absolutely loves it, and it hangs by the front door of her house.
4. Therefore, I know that the work put into a baby sweater would also be appreciated (except maybe if it’s hand-wash-only, see #2 below).
5. Also, it would be a relatively fast project.
6. Not to mention, the timing is right; the sweater will knit up to a 6-9 month size with that yarn, so it will fit the baby just in time for winter.
7. This is yarn purchased specifically for a sweater that must fit a baby boy born in the spring.
8. I had no other babies in mind for it.

On the no side:
1. I don’t feel obligated to knit her anything.
2. I don’t know if she would appreciate a hand-wash-only baby sweater.
3. There are other things I want to knit.
4. Ummmm…

Well, I guess I’m going to knit another Baby Surprise Jacket, then!

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  1. Janis says:

    At least they are pretty quick and fun!

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