knitting bag When I saw my mother-in-law last weekend, she gave me this bag as an early birthday present. My birthday's in January, but I'm not going to see her again before then. "Oooh!" I may have squeaked. "A knitting bag!"

She looked confused. "It's not a knitting bag," she told me, "it's a purse. It has a glasses case--"

"I can put stitch markers in there!"

"--and a little cosmetics bag--"

"For my ruler and some bigger notions!"

Eventually we agreed that while it hadn't been sold as a knitting bag, it's going to be one now. It's not exactly what I'd carry for an everyday purse, but as something to carry yarn and medium-sized works in progress, it's perfect! In fact, this may be the best gift she's ever gotten me.

One year she bought me a cape. I kid you not.

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2 Responses to “In Which the Pirate Has a New Knitting Bag.”
  1. cici says:

    hahha.. that's how a knitter thinks. I have the same pattern vera bradley. Mine is a big enough for knitting and all...

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