In Which the Pirate Knits Two Things At Once.

I had a thought about the socks I’m working on, that perhaps I could stave off Second Sock Syndrome if I started the second sock before completing the first, and working on them alternately until they’re both done. Another reason for doing it this way is because I had to cut out a big chunk of mis-striped yarn from the first ball; I may have to do that again in the second ball, and if I work on both socks at the same time, I can better make them identical.

So tonight I cast on for the second Quick Toe-Up Sock, and was pleased on several counts: one, that I successfully knit a figure-eight toe on the first try; two, that the tail of said toe is within two inches of the length of the first sock’s tail; three, that the socks appear to be matched up perfectly so far. Having accomplished that, I’m about to move on…

…to a new pair of flip-top glove/mittens. The pattern is called Gnomittens and is only available on Ravelry. I am calling them “fleep-tops” because it amuses me. Anyway, I’ve been wanting a pair of fleep-tops for a few years, and now that I’ve knit a pair of gloves that fit someone else, I have the confidence to knit a pair for myself.

Jo Sharp Silkroad DK TweedI have two reasons for wanting fleep-tops: one, because my new phone‘s touchscreen won’t register a thing through gloves; and two, because in five weeks I’ll be attending an outdoor stew cook-off, part of the Winterlude festival in Ottawa. It’s crazy, going to Canada in February, but it’s become a tradition for me to visit KnittingNinja for Bal du Neige. Last year I had a hard time eating my stew with bulky snow gloves on, and I said that I’d knit myself some fleep-tops before next year… which is now only a month away. Time to get started, eh?

I am using Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed in colorway 409, which is a discontinued color, very dark gray with flecks of gray and burgundy. Originally this was Pirate-Husband’s yarn, with which he was going to knit himself a hat, but it would be perfect for fleep-tops and so I asked if I could have it from him. He had no problem with that. I can always replace it if he decides to try knitting again.

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