In Which the Pirate Makes the Rules.

Colin over at The Book Pirate tagged me to come up with a list of ten rules… for anything. Of course I have to make it about yarn and fiber, right?

  1. Sock yarn is not stash.
  2. Projects always get super boring at the 75% mark, but it is right and good to refrain from casting on for a new project at this point.
  3. Tuesdays are for spinning.
  4. Only buy the yarn if it’s really, really, really special, or if it’s for a specific project. Or if it’s a souvenir of a trip to a foreign yarn store *and* it’s really, really special. Impulse buys are out. (It’s okay to buy spinning fiber.)
  5. You don’t have to knit for everyone who admires your work.
  6. Bring a sock-in-progress with you wherever you go, and you’ll never be bored.
  7. Lifelines are your friends.
  8. Thou shalt not procrastinate when knitting to a deadline.
  9. It is likely that the person you’re talking to is less interested in your knitting than you wish they were.
  10. Thou shalt not forget how much it sucks to knit with acrylic; thou shalt never voluntarily knit a baby blanket of the stuff ever again.

I guess now I’m supposed to tag a few other people, but I don’t know who. So… if you feel like it, make a list of ten rules for anything!

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