In Which the Pirate Changes Patterns.

I started the Gnomittens pattern and quickly realized that it wasn’t going to fit as written. The more I looked at modifications, the more I thought, “Why not just knit Cigar, off which Gnomittens is based, and then add the flip-tops from Gnomittens?”

So that’s what I’m doing. I had to modify the Cigar pattern a little bit, because my hands are proportionately longer than the pattern, but that went smoothly and I even remembered to take detailed notes so that the second glove comes out the same as the first. On Sunday evening, I finished the glove part of the first glove, and last night I cast on for the cuff of the second. I’ll knit both gloves first, then add both mitten tops.

I also plan to add a little flip-top cap for my thumbs, because when I showed the first glove to Pirate-Husband his comment was, “They’re really nice, and they fit you perfectly, but what’s going to keep your thumbs warm?” He’s a smart one, he is. I think I’ll keep him around for a while.

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