In Which the Pirate Makes a Second Glove.

This afternoon I finished the hand section of the second Fleep-Top glove. Still to do: four fingers and a thumb, two mittens and two thumb-caps, and weaving in almost thirty ends. I am thrilled with the way the gloves are coming out, and so excited that they’ll be done in time for Winterlude!

Yesterday, Pirate-Husband and I attended an SCA event about an hour from our house. We had a good time, but for me the highlight was purchasing a half-ounce drop spindle in ebony and rosewood from The Spanish Peacock. I’ve been admiring friend Janis‘s laceweight spindle-spinning, and when I saw this mini-spindle, I just couldn’t resist! I’ll be testing it out with a half-ounce merino sampler from Sheepish Creations.

I brought the Quick Toe-Up Socks with me to the event and knit the second one until it was very close to the heel turn. They were very blatantly not medieval, unfortunately, but I wasn’t about to start another project just for a one-day event. I’ve sometimes been tempted by the Eleanor of Toledo socks, but those are more than I really want to knit… and I doubt I’d be able to work on them and hold a conversation at the same time! No one complained; actually I got compliments on the evenness of my gauge and on the striping of the yarn, as well as on the non-medieval Kureyon Booga Bag which I was carrying.

This Friday will be my 31st birthday! I’ve already made plans for my birthday money; most of it will be going to build a new desktop computer for myself. My old one died, and now I don’t have a good machine to do graphics work on. As I’m a graphic/web designer in real life, this is kinda important! I’m also going to buy a pro account on Flickr, and probably a bit of spinning fiber as well. I love birthdays and think they should be celebrated with as much awesomeness as possible. How convenient that mine will kick off a three-day weekend!

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