In Which the Pirate Renovates.

Spinning NichePirate-Husband is starting to complain about my yarn and fiber stuff being everywhere. To that end, this weekend I’m going to begin the renovation of my room. First, everything needs to be taken out of it. Then, I’ll paint the inside of the closet white, so that it’s easier to see stuff in there. I have a half-gallon of white paint left over from when we did the bedroom closets, or I wouldn’t bother. We’re going to replace the bowed particle-board shelves with wooden ones, and build a corner desk that fits underneath the loft. I have to pick a color to paint the room, and we’ll do that too. The high ceiling might be tricky, but I think we can do it ourselves. Once things are done, I can hang out in there instead of in the master bedroom! I think the wheel and carder will still live in the master bedroom, since there’s a perfect little niche for it there (and not enough space in my room), but the rest of everything will have a new home.

The room isn’t very large, as the ceiling slopes down to the floor, so I’ll be looking for the most space-efficient way to arrange things. In addition to the yarn and fiber collection, there’s a half-ton of other art supplies, many books, and two computers (a laptop and a desktop) to manage. I love organizing, although I’m not always very organized, so I’m looking forward to buying little baskets and things to keep all my stuff in.

What does this have to do with knitting and spinning? Not much, really, other than that I’ll be able to better organize my yarn, fiber and patterns. A well-designed, welcoming workspace in nice colors will make me more likely to spend lots of time in it. If you were building a work area that was going to be for computering, other art, and also knitting, what would you include? How would you set it up?

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  1. Sarah says:

    woohoo! a craft room. I recently turned our spare bedroom in the basement into a craft room. Book shelves are nice- perfect for keeping all those baskets and stuff organized on. I am still working on my space- it’s hard because it’s partly a catch-all for all of our extra junk in the house.. lol I like to keep my patterns in a 3 ring binder, though i haven’t quite decided how to organize those. I’m thinking by project type, then difficulty.. or maybe since i like to do things by weight i’ll do type, then yarn type, then difficulty. hmm…

  2. Shana says:

    I recently found that in the storage section of our Wal-mart they have TONS of little colorful plastic baskets in varying sizes that work well for just about everything and are only a dollar a piece. If you need inexpensive storage, I might start looking there. I also really like IKEA’s philosophy of “use every inch of space you have.” So to that end, you could hang shelving (which should be cheaper than buying book cases). Also, consider that you’ll want some where comfortable to sit and do your knitting. Do you already have something like that in your room?

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