In Which the Pirate Returns.

My trip to Canada was excellent, partly because of the Fleep-Tops (Warm enough, only because it was relatively warm there. I rate them as good for 35-45F.) but mostly because I was with some of my best friends. We ate stew, we drank beer, we played Munchkin. I knit some, too – I cast on for a sock in Noro Kureyon while in the airport waiting for my flight.

My ball of yarn weighed light at only 84g, which is probably because it’s so ridiculously dry up here, and there was a knot at the 39g mark with a color change. So now I have one 39g and one 45g ball, and I decided to start with the smaller. I’m working toe-up to get the most out of the yarn, and striping every five rounds because there’s no way I’d be able to get the color transitions to line up properly. Striping makes a non-matching pair of socks into a matching pair! (I know, I said I was going to knit Thermal Socks, but I changed my mind.)

Now that I’m home, I’ve cast on for Napramach. This is the most complicated thing I’ve ever tried. I’m eight rows in and stymied – how do I not have the right number of stitches? The chart makes no sense to me. I’ve posted for help on Ravelry, and hopefully will get an answer soon.

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