In Which the Pirate Takes Pictures.

kureyon sock 1This is as far as I got with the Kureyon sock on the airplane. I love watching the stripes emerge, the subtle shifts of colors that lead to new interplays. Figuring out how to carry the unused yarn up five rounds without having it show through is interesting. I’m not sure I’m doing it right; the floats are longer than I’d like, but so far nothing peeks through. So far, I really like this yarn. Except for the knot, but I was kind of expecting that. It’s certainly not as soft or squooshy as, say, Dream in Color’s “Smooshy”, but it’s not as rough as sandpaper, like some people have said. And while there are some underspun places, I haven’t had trouble with the yarn drifting apart.

napramach 1So this is what happened with Napramach: the first row in the chart has two stitches and doesn’t say anything about increases. The second row in the chart has four stitches. Figuring that meant I’d have four at the end of the row after I did the increases, I bravely knit on… and when I got to the colorwork, I was short by two stitches. I ripped back to the beginning and did an increase in the first row, so that I’d have the proper four in the second… and when I got to the end, I had an extra two stitches. So I just skipped the increase in the last row, and I’m sure no one will ever know the difference. I plan to line the bag with something gaudy, preferably a camel print. Riya will absolutely love it.

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