In Which the Pirate is Almost Finished.

Pirate-Husband and I were invited to a “Red Wine and Chocolate” party for Valentine’s Day at friends’ who live just over three hours away. (He made a flourless chocolate cake for the occasion; it was rich and fantastic with whipped cream on top.) I took the opportunity and driving time to work on the Quick Toe-Up Socks. I knit in the car, in the pizza parlor while waiting for dinner, at the party, and this morning after breakfast I finished them. There are just three ends left to weave in, and they are done!

I’m not entirely thrilled with the fit. The last short-row heel socks I made were 68 stitches around, and they were loose around the foot. These are 64 stitches around, and fit great on the foot but are tight over the instep. I probably won’t make a heel this way again; gussets fit much better. I really do like the look of a short row heel, especially with self-striping yarn, but if it’s not going to fit well…

Fortunately, there are at least two different ways (ETA, after Janis’s comment: two different patterns that I currently have. There are *many* different ways…) of doing a toe-up sock with a gusset, and I plan to try them in turn until I find one that fits!

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  1. Janis says:

    And then you can get the Cat Bordhi book and find 6 more ways of doing gusset increases for toe-up socks. :D

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