In Which the Pirate Knits Faster.

Second PomatomusThe second sock is zipping right along. I finished the heel flap on Friday night and the gusset on Saturday night, and now I’m halfway through the second pattern repeat on the foot. 45 rows to go ’til the toe. If I had known that I could knit this fast, maybe I wouldn’t have let the sock sit for so long!

My hands are feeling it, so I’m taking a bit of a break tonight. Even though the yarn is only 45% cotton, it doesn’t move and flex the way a yarn with more wool content would. On the other hand, the cotton content should make them nice spring-weight socks. I am so excited to have them done and on my feet, because I have a skirt with which they will match perfectly. I almost never match and accessorize and do that girly stuff, but this outfit is just coming together in a way that outfits generally don’t for me.

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  1. would you be able to email me and let me know how to make the current projects list on my blog like you have. i’m on ravelry already but have no idea how to go about doing it, thank you it would be a great help. great blog by the way i love your knitting

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