In Which the Pirate Has New Socks.

pomatomus_done6Finally, finally, after two years, I have completed my ninth pair of socks, the Pomatomus. I love them, now that they’re done. They fit well and are comfortable. So far, they are the most complex project I have ever finished. The pattern was well-written and not at all difficult to follow. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to knit some fancier socks. Some people have mentioned being hesitant to try this pattern because it looks so hard. It’s really not!

pomatomus_done4So why did it take two years to finish the socks if the pattern isn’t hard? Simple: I hate the yarn. I wish I liked it – the colors are gorgeous and ripple together like sunlight on water, just perfect for a sock that looks like fish scales. Pirate-Husband says that they are a “triumph of stick-to-it-iveness!” I’d wanted to make matching armwarmers; It’s unfortunate that knitting with cotton blends makes my hands ache. I have 100g of it plus some change from the socks, and it’s up for sale or trade. If I get no takers, maybe in a year or so I’ll try those armwarmers.

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Gorgeous! Pomatomus never fails!

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