In Which the Pirate Turns a Heel.

kureyonsock2For the Stripey Striped Socks, I’d planned to use Wendy’s Fingering Weight, Toe-Up Socks with Gusset Heel. As I got closer to the heel, I didn’t like the idea of stripes going around the gusset. They don’t always look right where the increases are made. And I’d been almost entirely happy with the fit of the Quick Toe-Up Socks. I wanted to tweak the pattern a bit to see if I could make them fit perfectly. I decided to do another short-row heel, this time over 60% of the stitches rather than 50%. The heel isn’t striped, but I think it will look nifty as a gradient in contrast with the rest of the sock’s stripiness. I only wish I’d done the toe that way, too! At two rounds past the heel it’s too soon to try on for fit, but I expect that the leg will go quickly enough.

Today is Spinning Tuesday! I plan to finish the second bobbin of my potential sock yarn. I say “potential” because even though I started spinning with the idea of making sock yarn, I think it may end up being too heavy for socks. If it does, it will be a great drop-stitch scarf and I’ll try again for sockweight with the next fiber.

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