In Which the Pirate Fills a Second Bobbin.

yarnbarnks_merino_sandalwoodYesterday evening, I finished off the second bobbin of this Ashland Bay merino. It’s not overflowing-full, but it has more on it than the first bobbin. I made the mistake of not splitting the fiber into three equal parts before I started. Fortunately there is extra, and after I have the third bobbin full I’ll weigh them all and add to wherever it’s needed. This isn’t the first yarn I’ve spun, but it’s the first that’s pretty close to the image I had in my head of what it should look like. It will probably be the first handspun yarn that I knit up, which is exciting in its own right!

Medieval Roving from FreckleFaceFibersI’m already starting to think about which fiber to spin next! I am leaning towards this BFL from FreckleFaceFibers that Pirate-Husband bought for me simply because I thought it was beautiful. This time I’ll be smart about it and split the fiber evenly before I begin. Maybe I’ll try the fractal spinning technique on it. The idea is to split the fiber lengthwise, and spin half of it as it is, to get long lengths of color on the first bobbin. The second half of the fiber is further split and spun to the second bobbin, so that the final two-ply skein has parts where the colors match up and parts where they don’t. It sounds like a fun and interesting experiment!

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  1. Janis says:

    I believe the article said the fractal stripe works best if you have a patterned roving. A randomly dyed roving might not show up as a pattern in the overall scheme.

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