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In Which the Pirate Plies.

Last night I got started on plying, but a backache insisted that I stop after about an hour. Tonight I hope to finish up the job. It’s coming out well so far, but of course I won’t really know what it looks like until after it’s been washed and whacked. That is one of the most therapeutic parts of making yarn – rolling the wet stuff up in a towel and thwacking it against the wall a few times!

I was complimented on my strength of will to not start a new spinning project with Grace before finishing this older project with Patience. Part of it is a determination to finish the first before starting the next, yes… but I think part of it is that I am a perfectionist, and the fiber for my next project is so beautiful that I am loath to begin for fear of screwing it up somehow. It was a gift from Pirate-Husband and I really, really, really want the yarn from it to come out well!

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