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In Which the Pirate Keeps On Plying.

20090610plyingThe right hand knows not what the left hand is doing – it is taking a picture rather than helping with the plying! Also in this picture, from left to right: one dead desktop computer, a shoebox with carded batts squished inside, an Amazon.com box full of fiber, and an electric guitar case with the Punisher logo painted on, courtesy of a tenth grade boyfriend. (The guitar itself has Spider-Man painted onto it. Yea verily, I doth rock.)

I can totally understand why people get a jumbo plying setup – the plying bobbin is already more than half full and it barely looks like I’ve made a dent into the singles. Maybe that will be something to ask for as a birthday present for the Sonata… Hmmm! It’s a good thing I’ve a few more empty bobbins to ply onto, for now.

I’ve had a few broken strands but think I’ve recovered nicely. It’s just a reminder to put way more twist into the next yarn than I think I ought to. Hopefully it won’t impact the stability of the finished yarn too much. It might be a little on the thick side for socks, but I’ll decide once I’ve washed it. I could make a thick pair of boot socks for extra winter warmth.

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