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In Which the Pirate Samples.





I used this tiny sample that I got from Bullen’s Woolens at Maryland Sheep & Wool to try out the Sonata. I think it was merino/silk; it couldn’t have been more than a gram. When I split it in half, my scale didn’t register any of it. I spun it into the finest singles I could and then plied it into a laceweight, more just to have spun it rather than for any particular purpose. There’s not enough to knit anything from it.

I seem to be starting to get the hang of this spinning thing, though I’m having an annoying bout of paralyzing perfectionism about the BFL that I plan to spin into fingering weight yarn. I split the top down the middle; one side is 7 grams more than the other and I’ve gotten over that, as 20 yards or so on either side might be washed out by inconsistent spinning, and okay whatever. Now I’m just sort of wondering how to best make the colors line up. Pull off chunks at the color changes and spin them? Seems like the thing to do, I guess. I’ll try that tomorrow.

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