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In Which the Pirate Organizes.

Earlier this afternoon, at one of those warehouse stores where you can buy six pounds of peanut butter at a time, Pirate-Husband talked me into getting nine clear stackable plastic totes for yarn and fiber storage. Admittedly, it didn’t take much arm-twisting.

I spent some time sorting and filling them, and now I am feeling as if my room is much neater! It looks much better to have my stash in totes, rather than in a variety of cardboard boxes. I have one for sock yarn and one for miscellaneous stuff that got in my stash when I wasn’t looking. One holds the yarn for big projects, and one holds everything else. Three have fiber… but I think that’s about to be four, as I’m going to move the fiber that lives near the wheel to a tote. Having everything in sight will probably keep me from impulsively buying more, and remind me to keep working on the time-consuming projects, like carding alpaca.

Slowly, slowly… organization is happening. I still have not yet painted the room, so there’s a lot that isn’t unpacked yet. After over a year in the house, it might be time to get around to that, y’think?

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  1. Janis says:

    Unfortunately, having it organized and visible in totes doesn’t help halt stash acquisition.

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