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In Which the Pirate Treadles On.

I have been spinning. Grace sits quite neatly next to my computer chair, and I find it impossible to sit down or get up without pausing for a few yards of yarn. I am spinning somewhat thicker than my last project, and I am finding it difficult to keep myself from drafting out some cobweb weight stuff. This BFL practically drafts itself. I do plyback tests frequently and have my fingers crossed!

I have not been knitting, and I miss it. It’s funny how, when I have a totally mindless stockinette project on the needles, I wish for something more complicated – and when I’m working something more complicated, I wish I could just knit on without having to think or count. Even the stripey sock isn’t completely mindless, since I keep having to count to five rounds and then switch colors. My vacation is coming up soon, though, and I bet I will get a lot done there, with no computers or telephones or interruptions!

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  1. Janis says:

    I’m definitely looking forward to almost a week without computers. No computers and hopefully some good knitting and spindle spinning time while hanging out with people. Hope your vacation is fun. :)

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