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In Which the Pirate Finishes Bobbin #2.

Two Bobbins Full Tonight I finished the second of two bobbins of the BFL fiber that Pirate-Husband bought for me. I will let it rest tomorrow while I’m off visiting with my parents and grandma, and probably ply it on Sunday. I am really excited about this yarn and eager to see how it turns out after washing! Mostly, I’m curious to see what kind of yardage I get, and how evenly I managed to split the fiber. I know I was 7g off, but then I also discarded some from each side that snapped off, or wasn’t spinning well, or that I messed up on. We shall see!

On Wednesday of this past week I got to show Grandma both wheels and some of the spinning that I’ve done so far. She enjoyed seeing it, even if I’m not sure she knew quite what she was looking at. I talked with Mom about knitting projects, and got a good laugh out of her saying that she wants to start something new even though she isn’t yet done with her current project, a lace stole. (Which, by the way, is coming along beautifully. I am impressed!) She’s looking for simple crew-neck sweater patterns – does anyone have any suggestions?

So now I have a spinning wheel with no fiber attached to it, and I’m seriously tempted to start a new project…

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