In Which the Pirate Plans for Pennsic.

Janis asked,

So the important question is, what spinning and knitting will you be bringing to Pennsic?


kureyonsock2For knitting, I will bring the Noro Striped Socks. I’m up into the leg of the first sock, and would like to get them finished, but honestly – they’re not holding me. Counting five rounds of stockinette stitch over and over is sort of dull, and I will be glad when they are done. I was also thinking about bringing the green yarn for the “Verdant” sock design that I started in Cookie A.’s class, and working on that. Or perhaps I could bring some Trekking XXL and work out the heel numbers for the fine-gauge rib pattern that I used for the Bloo Sock; then I’d have heels for two sizes and could publish that pattern, which will be called “Brother’s Socks”.

bullens-wullens_falkland2For spinning, I am definitely going to bring the Bullens Woolens fiber that I picked up at MDSW. There are four ounces each of Falklands and Merino/Silk, and I’m going to spin for a fingering weight with one ply of each. I will almost certainly take another braid or three of fiber with me. I decided against the batts that I carded and the “Starry Night” roving; I don’t want to mess with weighing anything. If I spin from braids, I can just fold them into half or thirds and tear. They’ll be even enough that way.

There will undoubtedly be fiber in Merchants Row to purchase, but it may or may not need processing before I can spin it. I seem to remember some silk hankies last year… in colors that I didn’t care for. Maybe if I get there as soon as they open, I’ll have better luck this year!

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