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In Which the Pirate Ponders Business Ideas.

I have been thinking about how I might start up a fiber artistry business. Here are some of the thoughts I have:

  • Dyeing yarn and spinning fiber:
  • Carding fiber:
    • Run already-dyed top through the drum carder to make nice blends
    • wool + nylon = sock batts
    • Sell on Etsy or to LYS
  • Handspinning fiber:
    • have to get faster at this, first, to make it worthwhile.
    • Sell on Etsy or to LYS
    • If selling to LYS, probably need to have steady production
  • Designing and publishing patterns:
    • I can see that this is going to be the slowest one of all, but the work only needs to be done once and then the pattern is out there forever.
    • I have a few ideas in mind. Just have to knit them.
    • Ravelry has a great system of selling pattern .pdfs.
  • Marketing:
    • this website (needs more pictures)
    • Twitter
    • business cards
    • Etsy
    • LYSs

So I took the first step – my new twitter username, to be used for fibery stuff, is KnittingPirate. Feel free to follow!

What else? I think it might be time for a new look for the website, too. I have been using the same theme for two years, and I’m running into some limitations. For example, I would like to be able to put a twitter widget into the sidebar, but this theme doesn’t use widgets (and the sidebar isn’t wide enough, anyway). Heck, the whole layout should be wider. And I’d like another sidebar; the one I have is sort of long.

Edited to add: New layout is here! With sidebars and widgets!

PS I put a few new stripes onto the stripey sock yesterday, lest you think I’m not knitting at all. :)

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