In Which the Pirate Tries A Merino-Silk Blend.

cloverleaf-farm_merino-silkThis is four ounces (112g) of a Merino-Silk blend from Cloverleaf Farms in the “Woodland” colorway that I bought at MD Sheep and Wool this past May. I’ve never spun anything with silk in it before. The plan is to go for a sockweight; how deliciously warm will merino-silk blend socks be when it’s blustering and snowing, and I’m cozily inside with hot chocolate by the fire? I can’t believe I’m already looking forward to winter! Wasn’t it just earlier this week that I was looking forward to fall? Well, first I’m going to enjoy the rest of the summer.

cloverleaf-farms_merino-silkUnbraided, the colors look incredibly different! Since this is probably going to come to Pennsic with me if I don’t have it finished in time, I decided to just split the fiber in half the short and easy way. I am expecting some lovely interplay between the greens and bronzes. The sheen of the silk just doesn’t come across in the photos, which is unfortunate – the fiber is almost glowing with color.

Spinning this stuff is interesting. The silk is almost sticky – not in a gummy-sticky kind of way, but it holds the fiber together in a way that wool by itself doesn’t. I am spinning a fairly even single, a little thin in spots, without much effort. Plyback tests show a beautiful shiny fingering weight yarn.

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