In Which the Pirate is Halfway Through.

Brother Sock, HeelWith very little complication, the second edition of the Brother Sock is well on its way towards completion. I did have to futz with the heel numbers a bit – how do those numbers work? They never seem to come out even when I try to make them up myself. I bet there’s a formula… or maybe it will just become intuitive with time and practice.

Brother Sock, LegI really like the colors of this yarn, sand and blues and peaches in random striping. It’s Trekking XXL in colorway 90, which Janis gave to me as a present some years ago. I’d started a ribbed sock with it that came out way too tightly, but with 80 stitches instead of 64, it’s fitting much better now! I deliberately made the leg of this one on the short side, so that I won’t run into the same problem as the last time I knit a sock with Trekking XXL. There’s always the possibility of reknitting, if I find I’ve got lots of yarn left over at the end, and if I decide that I really do want taller socks after all.

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